Thursday, November 26, 2009

World Pasta Day

It should come as no surprise to discover that this special day promotes the consumption of pasta around the world. It seeks to increase awareness of the benefits of pasta

At world level the collective promotion in favour of pasta received a powerful impulsion thanks to the outcome of the World Pasta Congress held in Rome on 25th October 1995.

World Pasta Day 2009’s focus was “Pasta Meals on Every Family Table.”

Here Chef Lynn Clemente held various activities to promote the event.The evening started with a Pasta demo by Chef Lynn called Combine & Blend. A lot of guests actively took part questioning and seeking chefs tips to prepare pasta at home. The demo was followed with an pasta shape quiz called “Pastabilities”.

An exclusive pasta promotion menu with over 32 types of pasta and 25 sauces to give over 600 combinations. Pasta shapes as Bucatini, Ditaloni, Orecchiette, Sardinian gnocchetti, Capellini, Home made Squid ink spaghetti and cavatelli amongst various raviolis featured on the menu. Sunday dinner was very busy with over 100 pax promoting pasta. All families and groups were given a packet of pasta to take home and cook at leisure as the theme goes “Pasta Meals on Every Family Table.”

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  1. mama mia,here i come...hey hey can i reveal pasta day...does it get any better than this ??